See Critters Up Close and in Person
...this is a White Cobra. Such a beautiful snake, and quite unusual. Above photo may not match actual herps on display.

For the safety of your pets...
... and ours, no outside animals are allowed in the show.


Come see exotic creatures of all shapes, colors, and sizes, including Mexican Beaded Lizards. Photo may not match actual animal on display.

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Don't be fooled by imposters hyjacking our show!

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Venomous animals:
Featuring the mysterious Mexican Beaded Lizards and Gila Monsters,
bred by world reknown Steve Angeli,
the expert on breeding these beautiful creatures

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Augie's Dragon Room
Chameleon Paradise
Calif Turtle & Tortoise Cl
East Bay Vivarium
For Goodness Snakes
Handcrafted Bird Toys


Horridum Angeli Reptiles
LLL Reptile Supply
Leopard Gecko Love
Nature's Creations


Paleo Fantasy Art
Santa Cruz Pythons
Siren Fish & Reptiles
Soleil Comm
. . . . and more!

SEMINAR SCHEDULE (Schedule and/or speakers may change without notice):

Sat Speaker Company/Topic Sun Speaker Company/Topic
11am Brian Gundy For Goodness Snakes 11am Diana Heideman Siren Reptiles
1pm Steve Angeli HorridumAngeli Rept. 1pm Brian Gundy For Goodness Snakes
2pm Diana Heideman Siren Reptiles 2pm Steve Angeli HorridumAngeli Rept.


  • No re-entry without a hand stamp. Get your hand stamped before leaving the building, or you will be asked to pay again.
  • You may be asked to show receipts for animals purchased. Get a receipt before leaving the buiding.
  • Please get Care Sheets from where you purchase your pets. Care Sheets provide information on housing, food, and proper care for your pet.
  • Get recepits that contain the vendor company name and contact phone number for items/pets purchased.
  • No outside pets or other animals are allowed inside the show. Please leave pets at home.
  • Prices and information subject to change without notice.

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